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Curious about the new Microsoft software and how your business can benefit from the features that are available?

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OFFICE 365 Provides An Affordable
Small Office/Home Office Web Presence and more...
Now Small Office / Home Office businesses can establish a web presence
via Microsoft's Office Live solutions at an affordable price.

Click here for information on the Office Live products and our matching services.
Do You Know How Secure Your Network Is?

Secure Network

Michigan January 3, 2007

LANSING - Governor Jennifer M. Granholm today signed legislation that requires Michigan residents be notified if the security of a database containing their personal information is breached.  The legislation 娐ublic Act 566) requires that individuals and government agencies notify consumers when a security breach puts personal information, including social security numbers, drivers license numbers, and financial information, at risk.  Failure to properly notify consumers of a security breach can result in a fine of up to $750,000.   

From State of Michigan Web Site click here for details

Is your business in compliance with this and other laws and rules issued by legislation or agencies to protect your customers or clients personal information?

Our Business and Security Assessments will reveal where the weaknesses lie within your technology environment.
all us at 877-629-5863 today to schedule one of our technology professionals for a Multi-Point Assessment and offer you recommendations on how you can strengthen your network security.



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